Friday, July 06, 2012

Exploring El Paso - Downtown

It's been ages since I've paid a visit to the shops in Downtown El Paso. My family used to go with much more regularity in previous years but I can't remember the last time I took to the hub of shops sitting a literal stone's throw away from the border of Mexico.

Which might be why I found myself very unprepared. My only footwear options packed for the trip were flip flops and a pair of TOMS. But with the unanticipated morning rain, neither was ideal for trekking around the downtown area.

Not to be stopped, I slipped on my TOMS and set on a path to take me up and down the streets of Downtown El Paso.

Shopping downtown in El Paso requires a little endurance, patience and a good eye and you can walk away with some cheap goods. For me, it's mostly just a way to get out and enjoy the day in El Paso.

After a little over an hour of downtown exploration, we dashed into The Percolator, a coffee shop we found while hunting for a parking spot. It turned out to be the perfect place to refuel and cool off with some caffeine on ice.

The Percolator also serves as a music venue and it would've been nice to catch this place for a show but for today it was nice to have someplace quiet and out of the sun to cool off. I definitely recommend making this a place to refuel after a day of shopping in Downtown El Paso.


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*On a separate note, we're staying an unexpected extra night in El Paso. Not sure if there'll be time for more exploration but I'll definitely try to squeeze something in if I can!

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