Saturday, July 07, 2012

Exploring El Paso - Late-night Eats

I've reached the end of my short trip to the border town of El Paso, Texas. It's been a great little getaway and I've had a lot of success finding plenty of local places to shop and eat while I've been here.

The trip was actually extended an extra day which meant I had one final evening to enjoy El Paso. So I took my bonus night to have a little late-night splurge.

And what better way to start then with pizza...

I picked up this gigantic, oversized slice topped with pepperoni, sausage and Canadian bacon at The Pizza Joint. If you find yourself in El Paso and want to order up the same thing just ask for a "meatie." And you only need to order one because these things are seriously huge.

But even with the super-sized slice of pie, I kept a little extra room for dessert. While finishing the final bites, I pulled up Yelp on my iPad and searched for some late-night restaurants where I could satisfy my sweet tooth.

There were a surprising number of late-night places right in my vicinity but none as close as Rulis' International Kitchen.

And when I say close, I mean literally just a few doors down from where I was already eating. I took its proximity as fate and walked over to check out their dessert menu.

I picked a seat outside to enjoy the weather but where I could also hear the live jazz emanating from within.

I looked over the desserts and this one stood out to me:
House call chocolate: Sous Chef Haydee (a.k.a. Mom) likes to surprise you with the chocolate treat she’s prepared for the day
Who doesn't like surprises? Especially sweet surprises. I immediately ordered one and a cup of coffee.

Between the chocolaty slice of cake, the warm cup of coffee and the soft jazz eeking out from inside on a summer evening, it was such a perfect way to end my last night in El Paso.

Well, that's it for me from El Paso. I've got to finish packing up the car for the ride back up to Albuquerque. But don't think this is the last time Follow Eric hits the road. Expect more featured destinations in the future complete with an exploration of the local scene.

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