Monday, August 27, 2012

California - Get Lost, Part 2

Lack of planning wasn't an oversight during my recent trip to the West Coast. Instead, I wanted to keep myself open to discovering new places while out on the road. These are a couple of places I found just off I-40 as we were crossing the Arizona desert.

Cafe Mojo
This was the one that almost got away. The first time I spotted Cafe Mojo was on my Foursquare app heading West on I-40. I saw they were locally-owned and had some good reviews so I convinced my family to get off the freeway in Winslow, Arizona to try it. We got all the way to the parking lot just to see they had closed a half hour before we arrived. I had given up hope until we were heading back through on our way home. We just so happened to end up spending the night in Winslow and I had a chance to redeem myself for the first lost opportunity by enjoying a White Mocha. Redemption tastes so sweet.

Indian Arts Center

We were already working our way through New Mexico, quite nearly back to Albuquerque when we spotted a sign advertising frybread. One does not simple forgo the chance to get some fresh frybread when passing through Western New Mexico. So we hopped off the side of I-40 and got three orders of frybread to go. Worth it.

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