Tuesday, August 28, 2012

California - Get Lost, Part 3

I saved this story for last because it ranks near the top of my favorite memories during my trip to California. I think I'm gonna start doing a lot more unplanned exploration during my future travels. It can lead to some terrific finds and good memories. Like finding this coffee shop in the middle of Koreatown...

Coffee Maru

This was probably the most lost I felt during the entire trip. I was driving around the streets of Anaheim in search of any cafes or places to stop and relax a minute. I wasn't having much luck as I scanned the signs on either side of the road. And then the signs started changing from familiar English to strange Asian symbols that meant nothing to me. I quickly realized I had ended up in Koreatown. Rather than drive straight through or flip a U-turn, I decided to continue my search for a cafe. And with a little bit of luck, I found a sign for Coffee Maru tucked away in a shopping center. The place turned out to be a great find. A small gaggle of older Koreans were chatting away in the corner, probably wondering how this brown kid ended up in Little Korea. Convinced by the giant poster advertising boba tea, I opted for a strawberry flavor and took it to my own little corner in the cafe. I sat there, slurping tapioca balls up a straw, trying to decipher the Korean conversation across the cafe, and enjoying an experience I might never had enjoyed without getting a little bit lost.

I hope you enjoyed my tales of "getting lost" during my California trip. I really enjoyed myself and have plenty more tales from my visit to the West Coast if you'd like to hear them. Maybe in some future posts.

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