Friday, August 03, 2012

Familiar Territory - Enid, Oklahoma

I finally got around to making this long overdue trip back to my adopted home of Enid, Oklahoma.

Coming back, it's crazy how familiar everything feels. I don't know why I expected everything to feel so foreign or new but coming back has been a return to familiar patterns -- driving down the same roads to the same places where I would spend hours on end multiple times a week.

It feels good. It looks right. It even smells familiar. Like sitting in this cafe, where I've spent countless hours with friends or writing or blogging or reading or enjoying music or taking in the art on the walls.

Do you have one of those familiar places you like to return to? I'd like it if you shared it with me.


Well, it's only the start of my trip and I'll be here until Sunday so make sure you connect with the Follow Eric Facebook page where I'll share pictures and updates from my time in Oklahoma.

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