Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Travel Plans

It's Labor Day weekend. Prime time for loading up the trunk of your car or buying that plane ticket and traveling. Somewhere. Anywhere.

I wish I could say that I was headed on a new adventure to another city. In fact, I was trying to make my way out North to Colorado but, alas, it wasn't my fate.

Instead, I'm taking a quick look back at some of my previous travels and reliving them through pictures. Some of you longtime Follow Eric readers will recognize these. And I hope the new readers enjoy them as well.

Here you go.

Road Trip Blogathon
October 25, 2011
Enid to Oklahoma City

Relive the RTB through these recaps.

Tulsa Blogathon
March 16-18, 2012
Tulsa, OK

Experience the Tulsa Blogathon through the eyes of Grantsen Manor residents.

Exploring El Paso
July 5-6, 2012
El Paso, TX

All the El Paso recaps, in one place.

Return to Oklahoma
August 2-5, 2012
Enid and Tulsa, OK

Check out all the pics on Facebook.

California Adventure
August 7-15, 2012
NM --> AZ --> NV --> CA and back

Tons of pics available on Facebook.

So do you have any travel plans for Labor Day? Share them with me that I might live vicariously through your adventures.

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