Friday, September 28, 2012

Dinner for 8 - StreetFood Asia

So you know how every once in awhile you find a contest online and, for whatever reason, you decide to toss your hat in the ring.

It hardly ever pays off, right?

Well I was proven very, very wrong last night as seven of my friends and I were treated to a huge bounty of incredible Asian fare... for free.

It was courtesy of Chef Tai at StreetFood Asia. Thanks to a Facebook promotion, I won a free dinner for eight. I really didn't know what to expect. We showed up, took our seats and ordered some drinks. Soon thereafter, platter after platter kept appearing from within the kitchen.

All in all, I counted about ten dishes altogether. I couldn't even keep up as everyone scooped up their own portions from communal dishes and passed them along. I tried my best to keep up with the names of each dish but failed at remembering them correctly.

Instead I focused on the main ingredients. A calamari dish to start. Mushrooms on a skewer. Ribs. Chicken in this, beef in that.

Two of my friends had actually been overseas to the regions of Asia where this type of street food is normally served up. They were trying to tell me what was good and which were their favorites. But truth be told, they were all good and any one of the dishes could easily be my new favorite.

Like the calamari, which I've never had a particular fondness for. I expected rubbery bits of squid but instead found perfectly cooked meaty portions soaking up delicious Asian flavor.

Or the ribs, with a glaze sweetened with honey. Or the banana "sushi" for dessert.

So many good things. I won't keep you waiting for the pictures any longer.

I'll dig around for some more pics from the evening and throw any I find on Facebook.

In the meantime, make sure to connect with StreetFood Asia on Facebook and Twitter. Huge thanks to Chef Tai for offering a generous promotion and then planning and executing a memorable dinner. I know we'll all be fans for life.

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