Saturday, October 13, 2012

Around ABQ - Downtown Flamenco

Downtown Albuquerque was treated to a special performance yesterday from the National Institute of Flamenco. ABQ Ride organized for the group to perform at the Alvarado Transportation Center Friday afternoon.

I was really worried they would cancel because of the rain but only a few drops came down during their hourlong performance.

I think it's great that they brought an art form as beautiful and inspiring as flamenco to the streets of Albuquerque for a free show. You could see on everyone's faces just how much they were enjoying it. A lot of the spectators were people who depend on public transportation to get around. A lot of them wouldn't normally have the chance to watch a flamenco performance, much less see it up close on the streets of downtown.

After the final song, as everyone was leaving, I overheard one guy saying, "Man, that was worth missing the bus!"

Here are some pictures and video I took.

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