Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shop Local - Dawg Gone Good

As the holiday shopping season progresses, let us not forget our four-legged friends. For all their loyalty, companionship, and sloppy kisses, they deserve to have something to unwrap this year, too. The perfect place for pet-friendly gifts is Dawg Gone Good. They're locally operated by some fun and knowledgeable owners. There are plenty of toys and goodies for dogs, cats, and their owners. You're welcome to bring your dog inside with you -- unless you're trying to keep their present a surprise, that is.

Just like humans love a box of chocolates or cordial cherries during the holidays, your dog would love a box of treats this year. Dawg Gone Good has a nice selection near the back of the store. I picked some up for my own four-legged buddies at home.

The best part of shopping at a local store is the top-notch level of customer service and unmatched knowledge the owners can provide. Check them out in Nob Hill at the corner of Central and Wellesley.

Dawg Gone Good
3339 Central Ave. Suite A2
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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