Saturday, December 29, 2012

3 cafes, 3 musical acts

Most days I end up at a cafe or two. From time to time there's some live music going on if I'm lucky. Yesterday, I was very lucky. I encountered three musical acts at three cafes over the course of the day. Not a bad day in my book. Here's how it went.

Sage Harrington at Java Joe's

Sage is a regular at this downtown cafe. I'd like to think I'm a regular too, but I just drink coffee. Sage is there to perform on a weekly basis, armed with her ukuleles and violin. Every Friday she serenades the customers at Java Joe's as they enjoy their bottomless mugs of coffee, sweet pastries, and lunch specials.

I didn't shoot any video while I was there but here's a great one from when Sage performed on the After After Party.

Check out Sage's website:

Silver City String Beans at Shade Tree Custom Cycle Works Cafe

This was a totally unexpected occurrence. I caught wind of a bluegrass band playing at Shade Tree on Facebook and since I love some bluegrass and I hadn't yet been to this particular cafe, I figured it was a perfect excuse to check it out. This is also the last week at their current location. They'll be moving right next door to the Guild Cinema and I'm excited for a new cafe in the heart of Nob Hill.

As for the bluegrass, the Silver City String Beans provided a great little concert right inside this combination cafe and motorcycle shop. In fact, at the end of their set, they decided to perform their last song out back where some of the shop workers were tinkering with some bikes.

I followed along with my phone in tow.

Check out SCSB on Facebook.

Gregory James at Cafe Bella Coffee

I had only heard good things about Mr. James prior to seeing him perform live. And he lived up to those high expectations. He tore the roof off the place with just his solid acoustic playing and big voice with a huge range. Here's just a snippet of what everyone heard that night.

Check out Gregory James on Facebook.


Be sure to check these musicians out for yourself. They're all fantastic and worth a listen.

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