Monday, February 25, 2013

All Aboard the Rail Runner! ABQ to Santa Fe, Part 1

Over the weekend I had a chance to take a trip out to Santa Fe. I've been out to SF plenty of times before but this was my first time traveling by train. And not just any train -- I took the New Mexico Rail Runner Express.

The Rail Runner has been around since 2006 and is New Mexico's first commuter rail service. The nearly 100 miles of track cross through Valencia, Bernalillo, Sandoval and Santa Fe counties. But for most people in Albuquerque, the Rail Runner means a new way to travel to and from Santa Fe.

That's just what I did on a Friday morning. I took the 7 a.m. train headed northbound for my two-hour ride to Santa Fe.

If I had done my homework, I would've known there would be free Wi-Fi available on board and I might have taken along my laptop. If I had known there would be easy-access outlets, I would've taken my phone charger. But instead, I ended up passing the time working on the crossword from the Weekly Alibi.

The ride is quite comfortable and truly enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone looking to make a quick getaway for the day. Even though it takes about twice as long as driving yourself, you get to enjoy the commute. And if you think ahead, you can make it a productive commute by bringing along a laptop or some reading material.

Over the course of the two hours, I noticed the weather shifting from clear skies to light specks and by the time we arrived in Santa Fe, we had to walk through blowing snow whipping right into our faces.

It was quite the welcome but we took it in stride as we headed out in search of breakfast...

And that'll be the next post. Look for it soon.

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