Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Aboard the Rail Runner! ABQ to Santa Fe, Part 2 - Breakfast

(First of all, did you catch Part 1? OK, good. On to Part 2.)

After two comfortable hours riding the Rail Runner, we arrived at the Santa Fe Depot stop and stepped out into the cold and blowing snow. We headed out toward the Plaza, the wind whipping snow right into our faces.

I hadn't thought ahead to see what places we could grab breakfast but I figured there'd be plenty of options. We walked around until we ran into this sign beckoning us to come inside, out of the freezing cold and into the comfort of indoor heating.

Soon we were finding our seats at La Cocina de Doña Clara. Finding a seat wasn't too difficult. In fact, we were the only ones dining that morning. I'm guessing the morning rush happened before our 9 a.m. arrival.

La Cocina De Doña Clara on Urbanspoon

I took a quick glance over the menu. It was typical New Mexican fare so I picked out a safe bet and ordered huevos rancheros.

I must've worked up a pretty good appetite with all the morning traveling because I cleaned off the plate down to the last bite. I also wanted to make sure I had plenty of fuel to keep me going because we still had more in the day's itinerary.

Next stop: The Roundhouse.


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