Thursday, March 07, 2013

Happy National Cereal Day!

Happy National Cereal Day, folks! Come on, who doesn't love cereal? You can toss it in a bowl with milk or snack on it straight up whenever you get the hankering. Here in Albuquerque, a couple of local businesses give you the chance to add some cereal to their sweet treats.

At Rebel Donut, you can snack on yummy donuts topped with some of your favorite cereals, including Cocoa Pebbles and, my favorite, Fruity Pebbles. Stop in anytime to see which cereal-topped treats are available that day.

There's also Olo Yogurt Studio where you have a ton of mix-in options at your disposal, including a few cereal choices. Because a little crunch in your froyo goes a long way.


So which cereal would you pick as an addition to these tasty treats?

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