Tuesday, April 09, 2013

ABQ CashMob #14 - Abuelita's and Judy's Trading Post & Auction

I'm telling you, this whole cash mob thing is starting to catch on. I'd like to think that my recent article in the Alibi helped, but honestly, I have to give it up to Sam and his small team of organizers for consistently pulling together these events each month.

For the most recent cash mob this past weekend, we met up at Abuelita's down in the South Valley. As a South Valley resident myself, I was glad for the short commute to our meeting place and I was just in the right mood for some good New Mexican grub.

I had a chance to meet up with Jason who owns Bigglesnorts Toy Store on Montgomery. Jason has experienced firsthand the impact of ABQ CashMob. His store was one of the targets of December's mob. In response, Jason tries to join in as many cash mobs as he can.

It just goes to prove what I've said before: Local businesses support local businesses.

Speaking of which, after lunch we all headed just a little ways down Isleta to Judy's Trading Post & Auction.

This place has everything. I'm not kidding when I say I circled around that place over and over and even by the fifth time I was still finding items I hadn't seen before. It's definitely worth checking out if you have a chance. If nothing else, you can buy yourself some ice cream or enjoy the free coffee and popcorn while you browse.

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