Friday, April 26, 2013

Food Truck Friday

Fridays are already a typically good day to catch some food trucks out and around Albuquerque and it's only getting better.

Today a new pod of trucks set up at Talin Market for lunch. Wednesdays are the typical day for food trucks at Talin but they're going to give Fridays a try as well. I stopped by today to check them out and was pleased with the result.

Today's lineup included...

The Lunch Box

This was my first time ever seeing The Lunch Box in action and even though they typically serve up a selection of subs, I was not one bit disappointed with their offerings today. I opted for some lasagna and received a slab of cheesy goodness and some crusty crispy garlic bread. It was just the perfect portion. And by perfect portion I mean it allowed me to still try the other trucks after I finished.


I'm really glad I was one of the early customers because Doggerz sold out of their Sloppy Pulled Pork sandwiches before I had even moved on to dessert. Slow cooked for 11 hours and served up soaked in its own delicious juices, the sandwich was super satisfying.


Whether he has his cart or his truck with him and whether he's serving up savory sandwiches or sweet treats, Pat from Gedunk is always a welcome sight at Talin Market. Feeling the effects of having filled up on lasagna and pulled pork, I took my raspberry vanilla trifle to go.

The Toasted Bean

Even if I can't fit another serving of food in my voluminous belly, I can always sip on something cold. So I ordered a vanilla iced coffee from The Toasted Bean to help wash everything down, quench my thirst, and give me a little midday boost from the caffeine.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have some calories to burn off before I pay a visit to the food trucks parked outside of Tractor Brewery tonight...

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