Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

I thought I would share some thoughts on the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Not because I have anything different to say or that more needs to be said, but only because I want to share my own personal story and reaction.

I was on Twitter when it happened.

In past tragedies, you typically have a vivid memory of where you were and what you were doing upon hearing the news. I was sitting at the computer, getting ready to work on an article I'm writing, when I saw the tweets and retweets start to trickle in. I jumped over to a room with a TV to see what was going on. Of course, Twitter is always a step ahead of network and even cable news so it took a few minutes before the anchor cut her interview with a guest short to bring in the breaking news.

The initial reports were terribly uninformative and left me without a clear understanding of what had occurred. It wasn't until network news broke in with their coverage that a clearer picture began to form.

And then the video started coming in.

In an event that's already swamped with cameras and with the addition of onlookers equipped with smartphones, it's no small wonder when vivid video and pictures from all angles start coming in to give you a fuller perspective of the events.

But with that fuller perspective comes a more keen awareness of the terror.

For me, I was left with two prevailing feelings: sadness and concern. They came in alternating waves. Sadness over the tragedy and concern over the emerging details.

But it never gave way to fear.

As terrifying and tragic as the events at the Boston Marathon were, I won't allow fear to be my guiding factor. I won't allow it to deter me from still getting out and enjoying our local gatherings and community events. I won't stay home out of fear of the unknown. I won't.

Though at times you may feel fearful, do not allow that to be the guide for your decisions.

I will still cling to my mantra of exploring the local and sharing the personal. I'll be out and about at the big events and community gatherings and I'll take the time to share what I find with you.

Crossing the finish line at the 2012 St. Patrick's Day Run in Tulsa, OK

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