Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New York City - I'm on my way!

If you've followed along through Facebook or Twitter, you should be aware by now that I'm headed to NYC for the weekend. This is my first time so you can imagine I'm pretty ecstatic about the whole ordeal. I took advantage of some sweet prices on tickets through JetBlue and I leave on a redeye tonight at midnight local and I'll be in NYC at 6 a.m. Eastern.

I booked two nights at hostel called The Bowery House. I was a little weary about hostel but I figured it'd be the more exciting (and cheaper) way to experience NYC. I couldn't be more pleased with what I've seen with The Bowery House, including a swanky living room, heated Italian marble floors in the bathroom, and a rooftop garden.

I haven't set a fixed schedule but my main objectives are sightseeing and eating. The one item I have already officially scheduled is an appointment at the New York Shaving Company for an old-fashioned straight razor shave. I found it as I was taking a virtual tour on my phone around the Nolita neighborhood where I'm staying. I think it'll be a great way to ease myself into my first day and offset any jet lag from the overnight flight.

Besides that, I'm going to be making up my schedule as I go. I plan on eating my way through Little Italy and Chinatown with some short sightseeing ventures into Times Square, Central Park, and other NYC spots.

I'm super excited to be able to share it all with you guys through the blog. Make sure you like Follow Eric and are following on Twitter to get all the updates.

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