Monday, June 10, 2013

An Unexpected (and welcome) Visitor

What do you do when friends or family come from out of town to visit? What are the places in your city that you're most proud to share and that give them an experience they can't get elsewhere?

I had to answer those questions on a whim yesterday when I had an unexpected friend come through Albuquerque.

Ana is a friend I met in Oklahoma but she's originally from Moldova. I received a message from her Sunday morning to announce her unexpected arrival in Albuquerque later that day. Personally, I love unexpected visitors. And since I had nothing else on my schedule for the day, I was happy to play host for the few hours she would be in town.

Ana made picking a starting point easy for me when she indicated she wanted to try Street Food Asia based on pictures I had shared from previous visits. Since the restaurant is smack in the middle of Nob Hill and among my favorite places in town, it worked beautifully.

We started off with a gorgeous meal at Street Food Asia before working our way up and down the length of Nob Hill along Central. We came across about a dozen or so VW vans lined up to promote a movie showing at the Guild. We popped in and out of some of my favorite shops, including Masks y Mas and Birdland. I was super bummed when we stopped by Peacecraft to discover they will soon be closing. But we had a great time nonetheless as we worked our way back up Central to finish off with dessert at Flying Star Cafe.

I was really glad I had a chance to show off my city to a friend, albeit unexpected, it was still a lot of fun to share one of my favorite areas of town.

So that's how I entertained a visiting friend. What about you? What places do you love sharing with visiting friends and family?

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