Tuesday, June 04, 2013

NYC - Icons

I'm back and fully recovered from my trip to New York City. I went for three full days without any particular objective in mind except to eat and to sightsee. As the lingering blisters on my feet can confirm, I logged a ton of miles during my time in the Big Apple and tried to share photos along the way. I had a great time out there on my own but it's been the comments I've heard from blog readers and friends who really felt like they got to share the experience with me that made the trip all the more fulfilling.

And the good news is, I'm not done sharing. The pics I snapped and posted to Facebook and Twitter were primarily off my iPhone, but I also carried a camera with me and now I get to sort through them and share more experiences with you guys.

I'm starting with two of the big NYC icons -- the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

You would think these were on my big to-do list all along and I had carefully planned when I would visit each. That's simply not the case. Instead, I pretty much stumbled into each of them while I was wandering around in search of food. But I'm really glad I got to experience them.

The Statue of Liberty

Here's the big kahuna. If I left without seeing Lady Liberty it would be a crying shame.

So I hopped aboard one of the Statue Cruises and made a lazy loop along the New York Harbor, bringing us as close as you can get to the statue until it reopens July 4th of this year.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The funny part of my visit to the Brooklyn Bridge was that it started with my search for waffles. Specifically, the Wafels and Dinges food truck. I hunted one down in front of City Hall Park, which happened to also be at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. So after scarfing down a delicious waffle treat (there'll be more on my culinary adventures in future blogs), I worked my way along the bridge to about the halfway point before making my way back to Lower Manhattan and on to other adventures.

This is just the start. As I continue combing through my favorite pictures this week, I'll share more with you guys.

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