Wednesday, June 05, 2013

NYC - A Tale of Two Museums

I told myself I wouldn't spend too much time in NYC museums. I'm really glad I broke that promise to myself.

The first museum I went to was the New Museum, which sits across the street from the hostel where I was staying. I read that they offered free admission on Thursday evenings and it's hard to argue against free things.

Plus, the building looked really cool from the outside. Here are some shots I took from the rooftop garden of The Bowery House.

I didn't take many pictures inside, although there was no prohibition against doing so. To be honest, many of the exhibitions were a little too risqué for my blog readers. Here's a tame, albeit strange, example of what was inside.

As you might be able to guess, thew New Museum specializes in contemporary art. In fact, it's the only NYC museum exclusively devoted to contemporary art from around the world. That can make for some interesting pieces and installations. In that way, it's very different from the other museum I visited on my trip...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met, is a NYC museum staple. It's the largest in the US and, to be honest, I would have been absolutely lost without my friend Kris, who is something of an art history buff.

She guided me with deftness through the halls of the Met, stopping to explain her favorite works and all of the standard pieces that you'd find in any art history textbook.

It's a pretty awe-inspiring moment when you find yourself face to face with the actual artwork of some of the biggest names. I stood before pieces from Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet, Serat, and the likes. You can see these pieces in textbooks and reproductions and prints, but until you get up close enough to see the individual brush strokes or the tiny little painstaking dots that Serat used, it's just not going to have the same impact.

A Van Gogh original

A piece by Monet

Again, I would never have successfully navigated the Met without the help of my friend. Heck, I probably wouldn't have even gone inside without her. So to Kris, thanks for taking me to the Met and making it a memorable experience! I'll also always remember it as the site of my first NYC hot dog.

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