Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Join me for Jumbo Jenga

Jumbo Jenga

When I first came across this project I thought it looked challenging, but worth the effort. I imagined taking the Jenga pieces out to a nice park on a summer day or playing at home in the backyard with some burgers on the grill. The good news here is that it was way, way easier than I had expected. Not only did I knock out an entire set in one morning, I managed to produce three.

Here's how it happened.

Since I was worried I might be in over my head with this project, I enlisted the help of my dad. He knew a place where we could find some scrap wood on the cheap. What we ended up finding was a huge mountain of piled up wood where we could mine for the best pieces. And the best part? They let us take as much as we wanted for free.

We loaded up the back of his truck and drove the pieces home. After that, the rest of the production process was pretty straightforward. We loaded up the saw right in the back of the truck and started cranking out 10 1/2 inch pieces. We took turns at the saw until we had produced 54, then 108, and finally 162 pieces--enough for three full sets.

Jumbo Jenga

So what am I going to do with three sets of Jumbo Jenga pieces? I'm going to invite you to play, of course. I'm going to start taking them with me to hang out with the food trucks, starting with Tuesday nights at Hyder Park. So if you're in the Albuquerque area, make plans to join me on Tuesday evenings to enjoy the park, the food trucks, and a little Jumbo Jenga.


And if you're looking to make your own, here's a visual instruction manual, ready for pinning.

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