Friday, July 19, 2013

My secret trip to Oklahoma

Everyone needs a good old-fashioned getaway once in a while, right? I've been looking for any excuse to skip town and just last week I found my opportunity. I received an invitation to a friend's surprise birthday party in Enid, Oklahoma. So I drove in under the radar on a Saturday. The subsequent days were packed tight with friends and food and lots and lots of coffee.

Here are some things that happened...

I returned to Wee Too for biscuits and gravy.

I have a tender spot in my heart for this quaint diner in Enid. Despite a 2 a.m. bedtime, I was up by 6:30 to meet a friend for some of my favorite biscuits and gravy in Oklahoma.

I went to church, twice.

Okay, I didn't actually sit through two church services, but I did stop by Enid First Assembly on Sunday morning before hitting the road to Tulsa where I caught the last five minutes of the service at CityChurch. The best part? Free snow cones after CityChurch let out.

I ate tongue.

I finally did it. While in Tulsa, I tried a tongue taco. Or taco de lengua. Whichever way you say it, the taco wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Instead, it had the same tasty seasonings as the beef and pork tacos I also ordered. But I'll admit, the meat was a bit rubbery with the slightest aftertaste. Still, it was good enough to order again.

I scored some free fish and chips.

The birthday perks just keep on rolling. I almost forgot I had received an email for a free entree at Callahan's in Enid. Once I remembered it, I switched up our dinner plans so I could take advantage of some tasty and free food.

I drank lots of coffee.

I know it's not unusual for me to visit a couple of coffee shops in a day but I really went to town while I was out of town this week. Between returning to Davinci's, a trip to Coffee Slingers in OKC, and finally getting the chance to try Five80 Coffeehouse in Enid, I filled up on enough caffeine to compensate for the four to five hours of sleep I was getting each night.

It's what I like to call a successful trip.

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