Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Let's talk Chicken and Waffles

Can we just talk about Chicken and Waffles today? Because I'm pretty sure I could talk about good old C&W all day long. Especially since it's one of those meals that you can eat any time of the day or night. Think about it. It works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

What is it that I like so much about C&W? I'll tell you right now it's more than just the sweet and savory combo. Don't get me wrong, I love sweet and salty combinations but C&W goes beyond that. For one, I think there's a peppery element in nearly every incarnation of C&W that I've had that makes this such a craveable dish. Whether it's the black pepper in the batter for the chicken or a peppery hot sauce to be sprinkled on top, I think something extra special happens when it mixes in with the sweet syrup and waffle.

Today I had some C&W at Java Joe's. It was the chef's special today and so naturally, I hurried down to try it (as soon as I put in a little time at the gym).

The plate really hit the spot. It was a little crumbly but the chicken was super moist and had that pepper goodness I was hoping for. But the real winner was the little cup of hot sauce on the side. It had different notes that reminded me of both Tabasco and red chile. I had to hold back from smothering the entire plate with it. I hope it makes more appearances on the menu at Java Joe's.

I've also had two different incarnations of C&W from The Supper Truck. Awhile back they ran a special where the chicken was fried up in waffle batter and served alongside waffles fries. Creative, no?

Equally creative are the chicken and waffle tacos that recently graced the menu. They already have some of the best fried chicken I've ever had, so when they put a tender inside a waffle and slather it with a strawberry compound butter it's over the top.

Of course, the classic C&W combo is always a good way to go. If you have yet to experience this classic creation then you need to get on it pronto. I hear Nexus Brewery and Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro always have some excellent C&W on their menus. If you ever see it as a special at either The Supper Truck or Java Joe's, I heartily recommend them.

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Kristin Satterlee said...

The chicken and waffle tacos at Supper are to die for! And really, if you love chicken & waffles, you need to get to Nexus. Though once you're there, you couldn't be blamed for having the incredible gumbo instead!