Tuesday, September 17, 2013

San Juan Blogathon - Who's going with me to Puerto Rico?

When I tell people about my upcoming travel plans, I get a very common response. It usually goes something likes this.
Me: I'm going to Puerto Rico!
Them: That's cool. With who?
Me: I'm going by myself.
Them: Really? That's crazy.
It's inevitable. Whenever I tell someone about my plans to travel, they immediately want to know with whom I'm traveling. And they're always surprised when I say I'm going solo.

The same thing happened when I told my friends I was going to New York City. At first, I tried to convince other friends to drop everything in their schedule and go with me, but I soon realized how futile my efforts were. So this time around, I booked my flight and hostel without announcing it to any friends. I told one person about my plans before I clicked book now.

It was more liberating this way. I felt the same way while wandering the streets of New York. I didn't have any particular agenda so I was free to pick and choose what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go without having to give consideration to anybody else.

Maybe it's selfish. Maybe it's self-centered. But I believe solo travel is a perfectly viable option for some people. Don't believe me? Here's proof from a variety of sites I've been scouring for solo travel tips.

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