Thursday, June 29, 2017

In honor of my 30th birthday, here's what I managed to do within 30 hours in London

I flew into London around 1 p.m. local time. Since then, in the span of roughly 30 hours, I've had quite the eventful time and very little sleep.

Within 30 hours I managed to... up with friends from back home fresh off their flight from Dublin.

...throw back some pints right after checking into our hostel--conveniently located upstairs from a pub.

...check off sightseeing opps including Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and a full tour of Westminster Abbey.

...get a quick beard trim and laundry done at some nearby businesses. in three different clubs in SOHO, starting around 11 p.m. and leaving the last one after five in the morning. steak and kidney pie, fish and chips, lamb biryani, chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and a full English breakfast which included streaky bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, blood sausage, and scrambled eggs on toast. Don't worry, most of it was shared.

There's more I could add to the list but I only have 45 hours altogether in London before moving on to my next destination: Madrid!

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